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About Us

Our history

A good party and a fast ride on a motorbike for a long time remains in memory. We have many such memories in RidePlace.

After many years of being corporate managers, we have visited many countries, made many friends, and as colleagues we have traveled thousands of kilometers and drank hectoliters of vodka. Time is running, needs are changing, so we left targets, requests, briefs and coaching in the corporation and started dealing on our own terms in RidePlace. Our way of doing business is a partnership approach to the client, very good commercial conditions and great brands in our offer.

Thanks to these options, the young RidePlace, founded in 2020, is already very successful.

Our values

They constitute the basis of organizational culture and define the course of action, the manner of conduct and the style of communication. They set a common objective and help create a team where everyone plays toward the same goal. Our company was founded out of a passion for the environment in which we move, trust in ourselves, vast experience in business and ambitions that keep us moving forward all the time. It is all linked by friendship, respect and great empathy.

Thanks to this, every day at work is a day of new experiences and inspiration.

Piotr Czerwiński


Paweł Rogacki